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There are three basic categories to product photography. Which one you will need depends on how you will use the final images


Catalog photography is the simplest and most direct way to market your product to a specific group. Using a pure white background, products are photographed and loaded onto an html site for approval. Selected images are then adjusted, touched up in photoshop and delivered online. In most cases, you don’t even need to be present on the day of the shoot. Products can be shipped overnight and the final images can be loaded online the next day.

Commercial photography is more of a creative process, with close attention to light and color. The shape and form of the product is sculpted through shadow and color is utilized to further accentuate the image. The final images are processes through photoshop to remove any flaws and create a remarkably crisp photo ready for print.

Environmental photography focuses on the surrounding interior space of a product or on-site location. Products with a specific use are photographed in action using models. In some cases, a stylist is called on to help design the environment and create a visionary scene.

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